Myf - 680 Model Enrichable Layer Chicken Cage

The first class galvanized sheets and wires we use to create the structure of our cages are ISO 9001 certified. Galvanization, which we use in the structure and partitions of the cages, aims to prevent mold and rust from the materials and to  extend their service life.  Our company has achieved the most efficient rate of galvanizing usage through testing by our research and development engineers and has started to use it in its products.

Our Cage Cells

Our cell sizes are specially designed to provide chickens with an area of ​​movement and to ensure their well-being.

 In order to provide easy access to the chickens, horizontal sliding covers are used which can be opened with one hand.  In this way, it aims to save time and labor.

Our cell dimensions are 675 mm long x 750 mm wide.

  • The height of our cells is 680 mm.

  • The movement area of ​​a chicken is 460 cm².

  • The distance between the base wire of the lower floor and the floor is 350 mm.

  • Using the adjustment bolt in the leg section of the cage, can be adjusted to a height of 60 mm.

  • The intermediate wires we use to separate the cells are designed to allow the circulation of light and air.

Watering System

The watering line is made up of 3 inoxydables nipples in the center of the cells of the cage, allowing the chickens to reach them easily.  Thanks to the “V” discharge pipe which passes just below, the excess water is discharged.  This prevents water from reaching the manure band.

Feeding System

The most important factor for facilities that produce eggs is that chickens can convert the food they eat to the maximum amount of eggs.

The trolley feeding system which is an ideal feeding system in the poultry industry provides equal and hygienic distribution of feed coupled with the newly designed feed distribution apparatus, the system ensures fast, safe and on time distribution of feed so as to avoid feed waste and feed overflow.  This system is controlled by the control switches on the cage heads.  These switches are controlled by the electrical panel to which they are connected.

The chain feeding system is available as an option for the customer's choice.

Manure Removal System

The manure is transported through the polypropylene manure band, which is located under each floor and runs along the cage.  This transfer takes place thanks to the motors in the backside row head.  Manure is evacuated using rubber balls in the row heads.  The surface of the band is cleaned with the scrapers located at the end of the row.  These operations are carried out by the electrical control panel.

Automatic Egg Collection System

The eggs on the egg cloth band are transported safely and cleanly to the egg collecting system with elevators using the cloth band along the canal.  The egg collecting system transport the collected eggs to the egg room via an elevator.  These operations are carried out by the electrical control panel.