Trolley Feeding System

As MyFarm, as a result of the work done by our engineers, the trolley feeding system, which we produce in accordance with our objective of converting the feed that chickens eat at the maximum egg ratio, consists of first class galvanized sheets.

The purpose of this system, which is formed by combining with rivets, is to distribute the feed evenly, quickly and homogeneously into the cells.  Thanks to the trolley feeding system, the loss of feed is reduced to a minimum.

This system can function as full automated system, or can be used manually at any time.

The system working time can be adjusted via the electrical control panel.

When the switch on the cover section of the electrical control panel is turned to the manual position, the full automation operating system is disabled.  The trolley feeding can be moved to the start or end of the house using the manual buttons on the cover.

When the switch on the control panel cover, which keeps the system running, is turned to the automatic position, the system is brought back to the full automation operating system and the trolley feeding movements are defined  by the system via the control panel.