Vision - Mission

Our Vision

Be the preferred brand worldwide by providing sustainable technological solutions, quality and reliability that can meet the needs of farmers and the global supply chain.

Our Mission

To make the poultry sector economical and sustainable by expanding our cooperation by being sensitive to the needs and problems of customer service, innovation, employees and business partners.



  • MyFarm sees precision, transparency and high business ethics above all in all its activities;  and expects all of its business partners to act in accordance with the same values.

Quality and continuous development

  • The basic principle of the quality of our company is to define the needs and expectations of customers, to offer solutions and completely satisfy them, to continuously improve the quality of products and services in accordance with the requirements of customers and  market, and create value for all stakeholders.

Customer relationship

      •    Create value for customers, meet their needs and demands at the highest level,

  •   Produce quality products and services, then adopt coherent policies,

  •  Create an environment of long-term trust in our relationships with customers,

  •   Aiming to become the preferred brand for customers by enhancing their satisfaction during sales and  after-sales.

  •   Avoid providing misleading or incomplete information to customers.