About Us

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of poultry equipment with its specialized staff and qualified services;  it continued on its way quickly becoming a leading company in its sector and won your appreciation;  you our valued business partners and friends.

We produce poultry layer cages, breeder cages, enrichable cages,  rearing cages, broiler cages equipped with  feeding, feed distributing,  watering, air conditioning, lighting fully automatic computerized control systems to meet the needs of the poultry industry.

We maintain our poultry equipment, which is constantly developed by our professional research and development units, for the advanced production site, we have always maintained communication with our customers by supporting them with after-sales maintenance services and  spare parts;  thus we maintain our success on the national and international market.

Since its foundation Myfarm has always progressed in accordance with the principles of honesty, reliability and originality in which it believes, as well as high quality materials and a meticulous finish fusing in order to make it in the poultry sector in Turkey and the world a pioneer in providing quality work at an affordable price. 

The key to our success is the environment or the family environment provided to our employees, of whom we are honored and delighted to share it with you.


                                                           MyFarm Poultry Equipment