Egg Collecting System

As MyFarm, thanks to the work of our engineers, we use the egg collecting system with elevator in our projects, where we have obtained the maximum efficiency which allows the egg to be collecteded cleanly and without damage. 

In this system, which we developed following research carried out by our engineers, on the basis of our goal of "clean" and "0" broken eggs which we adopted as a company;

First class galvanized sheets and wires, plastic collecting pipes, specially manufatured fabric ribbons work fully automatically thanks to movement reducers.

The eggs on the egg band are transported safely and cleanly to the egg collecting elevators using the cloth bnd along the canal.

With the up and down movements of the elevator system, the collection process is carried out in the same floors of all lines.

Thanks to our special design we created following the work of our research and development units, returns and smooth transfers eggs are delivered to the eggs collecting room.