Ventilation System

MyFarm ventilation system is the perfect solution for more effective, efficient and climatic control in poultry production facilities.  Our equipment has been refined on site and has proven to be extremely effective in reducing the stress of birds caused by overheating or poor ventilation system in the chicken coops.

Ventilation system;  It converts the suffocated and dirty air from the barn to clean and fresh air and maintains the temperature inside the poultry house in the most appropriate way.  This ventilation equipment can be controlled as fully automated via a PLC screen and these systems are also available with manual use on request.

Thanks to our temperature sensors located at 4 different points inside the chicken coop, the temperature and humidity inside the chicken coop are measured and each part of the chicken coop is adjusted to be at an equal temperature thanks to our advanced ventilation systems.


It controls the power on and off of the fans, which their number is determined and adjusted according to the capacity of the chicken coop.

Controls the activation and the output of the cooling pads which are determined according to the capacity and the position of the chicken coop.

By preventing direct contact of the fresh air entering the chicken coop from the cooling pads through its covers, the health of the chickens is protected and uniform air conditioning is ensured.

In case of a problem with the system, in case of a power failure, the maximum and minimum temperature values ​​are reached in the house, the warning system is activated and gives an audible and luminous warning.  (The possibility of sending calls and SMS via GSM is available in our optional automation system.)

The problem that caused the activation of the warning system is retained by the system and can be read on the system screen.

The system can also be used manually.